School Rules

Dear Parents:

The following procedures are in place to aid in the training and development of all students in the studio. Regardless of rank, parents do not "outrank" the instructor on the floor. We encourage all parents to take an active part in the training of their children and invite them to observe their classes and training. Please be advised, there will be times when your child will be put into situations that could cause stress and perhaps even tears. Our staff will do everything in their power, to insure the safety of your child. Your child is not a "customer" to us, but an important member of our school. Your adherence to the rules and guidelines is greatly appreciated.

In the Class

Matthews ATA Please respect our floor. No shoes are allowed on the mats unless specifically authorized by the instructors.
All students must bow, before entering or leaving the floor.
We encourage students to arrive early for class, but all students must show respect to other students by not horsing around or otherwise disrupting other classes.  Please sit toward the rear of the floor or off to the side, quietly, while awaiting your class time.
Please do not block the exit or restroom doors.
No food or drink are allowed on the floor.  Water bottles may be kept in the cubbies for "after" class.  Students can not take "breaks" during class to get a drink unless there is some medical reason for this.  Please advise your child's instructor if there is such a need.
Our staff takes child safety very seriously.  If there is a medical condition or current injury which could cause further injury or an unsafe situation, please let the instructor know, prior to class so we can be a little more sensitive to their needs.
Parents must remain in the seated areas while classes are in session. When seats are not available, parents may stand/sit at the rear of the class, on the carpeted area or out in the lobby area.
Students are encouraged to participate in class enthusiastically, answering loudly and trying their best. Parents are not to disrupt the student’s by attempting to "assist" the instructors with their children.
Please do not call your child off the floor. In the event of an emergency, please get the instructor’s attention and we will dismiss your child.
No parent or student, regardless of rank, may instruct or correct another student.
Parents are asked to refrain from "coaching" or otherwise correcting a student on the floor. It is distracting to the other students, no matter how well meaning, your intent is.
Dragon Arch All students have a minimum number of classes they need to attend to be allowed to test.  Students should attend, at least two classes per week.  The training schedule is set according to an eight week schedule.  Missing a week or two and then trying to "make up" the days, later in the cycle, create a hardship for the instructors and a distraction for the other students.  It is hard on a student's self esteem if they feel they are behind their class.  Our goal is to help each student reach their goals.  If you know there are going to be times when you must miss portions of their training, please make arrangements with one of the instructors so we can take care of your needs.  Your assistance in this is key.
The Arch is one of the main focal points of our school.  Please do not lean on or sit inside the arch.  The dragon and phoenix artwork are hand painted, so please do not lean on or put your hands on the artwork.


All students are encouraged to attend and participate in local tournaments. This aids in their development in martial arts and their self esteem. Students are encouraged to arrive early for all tournaments. Students who are competing must bring all their necessary equipment, to include cup and mouth piece. Full uniforms are required (Black Belts), whether you are competing or not. Please encourage your child to set a proper example for color belt students.

Good sportsmanship is required of both the student and their families. Students should always seek out the host and thank them for hosting the tournament. Students should always bow when passing a senior instructor.  As a general rule, always bow to the black collared instructors.The goal of the tournament is to have fun and meet new people.

Students and parents are forbidden to argue with their judges. The judges are amateurs and are not out to hurt anyone's feelings. Parents are not allowed in the ring areas during competition.
Competition is sometimes emotional and tears of frustration or sadness happen.  Please try to assume a supportive role.  This is all part of their character development.  Tantrums, on the other hand, are not and should be discouraged.

Questions about judges should be brought to the attention of the tournament director or your child’s instructor and not the judge in question. Parents and visitors are not allowed to "coach" a competitor during competition. Cheering and other words of encouragement are heartily endorsed. Booing and otherwise degrading a competitor is NOT permitted and will result in a warning from instructors and judges.

All Black Belts and Red Collars are expected to support the school during tournaments and must report in for the Black Belt meeting and must be present at the "bow out" at the end of the tournament. Parents should plan for their black belt children to be present all day.

If your child is injured, while competing, please allow the instructors and medical staff to assist them and render aid. All instructors are trained in first aid and will make your child as comfortable as possible, until the paramedics can arrive. Students, whether or not in uniform, will display respect and courtesy to all other students, instructors, guests, staff, security and volunteers. Please do not allow your children to run around the tournament facility. There is often limited seating at tournaments. Guests should be offered available chairs.

Color belt students are allowed to change into street clothes at the end of their rank's competition. They are then free to leave the premises or enjoy the tournament as a spectator. Students and spectators should stay in spectator areas, leaving ring areas clear for current competitors. Parents wishing to be at ring side with their child, are asked to be seated (even if it is the floor) so other parents may have a good view of the competition. Cameras are welcomed, but do not take precedence over courtesy and the rights of other parents and spectators.

Robert Matthews
Senior Chief Instructor