Junior Leadership Program



What is the Junior Leadership program?

The ATA Junior Trainee Instructor Program was devised in order to allow children from the ages of 6 thru 15 to prepare themselves for the Trainee Instructor Program.

How does this help my child?

The additional responsibilities and challenges of the program increase each student’s self esteem and pride in their school. The leadership skills learned, are great assets in the working world and will have a great impact on them, their siblings, friends and fellow students.

Do I have to be a Black Belt?

Jr Leader

No. The original program was geared at only Black Belts, but the years of training to become a certified instructor prohibited some students from achieving their goals on time. Anyone in the Black Belt program can enroll in the Junior Leadership Program.

What’s included in the program?

•  All Basic and Black Belt Club Program Benefits

•  Weekly leadership class given by a senior instructor. Most classes are taught by the Senior Chief Instructor.

•  Classes include philosophy, development of leadership skills, Color Belt life skills, Black Belt life skills,  instruction, history, curriculum and physical development.

•  Eligible to wear heavy weight competition uniform with distinctive collar and name on back.

•  Eligibility to earn points for the title of STATE CHAMPION

•  ATA awards and certificates for each level completed

•  Leadership Manual, which covers all required material and tests for the Junior Leader  program.

•  Juniors are granted 25 hours of teaching credit for each full year of complete participation in the Junior Leadership program to be applied to the Trainee Instructor program after completion of the Junior Leadership program.

How much does it cost?

The basic program cost is $450 down and monthly payments of $150 for 36 months.

Can I just register for the State Champion Program?

Yes you can.  The basic ATA Leadership program cost requires an $300 application fee. This fee includes the ATA Registration fee and allows the student to attend monthly tournament workouts with no additional cost.  Additionally, each student is authorized to wear the Junior Leader uniform for special events and tournaments (see a team member for cost of uniforms).  Registration makes the student eligible to earn points toward the State Championship program.

What if I want to join the Junior Leader program later?

All fees paid toward the State Champion program, transfer over to the Junior Leader program and students can begin their training as a Junior Leader.

Additional details concerning the levels and training will be taught in your Leadership classes.