Scrolls of Songahm

“Pure and without the knowledge of Songahm Taekwondo - as with the pine tree, the seed must now be planted and nourished to develop strong roots.”
~ Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee

H U Lee

Children of Songahm,

Listen as I tell about the old times and the new dawn.

In those unwritten years, thousands of lives ago, the first Grand Master also came to the mountain. His disciples and most loyal students followed his journey. He was a master of martial art.

Grand Master's vision was that mortal life is short, yet he had much to do and teach. Would his technique and tradition be lost as the morning mists? There were thousands of techniques and postures for the body in movement. There was a steel-tempering of the heart that could change a man's way in life. He studied how these lessons could live beyond written words of twice-told tales of olden ways.

As a master weaver looms fine-spun thread, he wove thoughts across techniques in patterns of art with life. As his students learned the fabric of his art, they could see techniques crossed with spirit...the art would remain in spirit and force long after the weaver was dust.

Disciples of Grand Master practiced these patterns woven for them by their master. And they, in turn, passed them to their juniors, generation after generation.

Did that first master martial arts weaver realize he had wrought so well that his art would live millions of days? Did his spirit touch us as he wove those first patterns for hearts of future generations? For he is with us even today. The techniques are the same in spirit as when he taught them. The tree has grown, but holds the same roots.

Other masters grafted their hearts into the great design. They added new life as parents in new generations add to the life of their family, and by adding, make it greater, not less.

With dawn drawing light across the sky, I Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee, invite you, my disciples, students, and family, to join me in a journey through out new day. Families need new generations to live - the spirit of Grand Master needs new enthusiasm and growth to be nourished in us.

I am duty-bound by the mantel of mastership to refresh tradition of spirit with knowledge and skills of our new age.