Black Belt Testing

Black Belt Testing

When to register: Students must register one week BEFORE testing (Friday)
When can I test?: The testing times are as follows:

6:00 pm All Participants

Registration and testing fees:

The standard Recommended Black Belt fee is $55 (testing from Red to Recommended Black). Mid-term testing
(Recommended Black Belt) is $75. The standard Recommended Black Belt testing for First Degree Decided Black
Belt fee is $150. Second Degree and Third Degree Decided Black Belt fee is $200. Black Belt practice mid term fees
are free (but must still register) and the actual mid term fee is $75. All Testing fees must be paid at the time of
registration. All rank testing MUST be performed at an actual testing. No make up tests are allowed for rank testings.
If the student cannot attend their midterm Testing during their assigned schedule, a private Testing may be scheduled,
with approval of the Chief Instructor ONLY (a $10 fee will be charged in addition to the regular fee). Payments after
the registration deadline will have a $10 additional surcharge. Sparring gear is required. Testing can last for
about three hours, so plan accordingly.

How to Register:

Bring your ATA membership card along with the testing fee to the school by the registration deadline. If you have lost your card,
please notify a team member. If your ATA membership has lapsed, please renew prior to testing ($35 per year, $85 for 3 years,
or $125 for 5 years - only $10 per year for third and more family members). Important notice to all testers, your membership must
be current, in order to be allowed to test. Delinquent accounts will not be processed.

Uniform: Full uniform is required for testing. NO T-shirts are allowed. Protech weapons are required
for testing.
Class Cancellations: All regular adult class on testing day!!
Guests: Please bring as many guests and friends to celebrate with you, as you like.

Important Information: High rank testing results will be posted the same night, as testing. All students doing
freestyle forms must submit written forms sheets prior to testing. Prior to testing, ALL high
rank students must meet, privately with the Chief Instructor to review testing requirements
and current rank standings (both curriculum and protech). This meeting can be completed
at any time during the testing cycle. Please do not wait until the last week of registration to
review your requirements.

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